More Just Do It!

I visited my sister and she showed my her attempt of machine quilting.  She was not happy with the outcome.  I suggested she do it with the walking foot as she was doing decorative stitching and the stitches were not even.  So she was going to take out all the stitches.

Just Do It!

Just Do It!

On the way home I thought of something I had started quilting and did not like the workmanship.  Instead of taking out stitches, I put the project away.  That night I got it and a seam ripper out .  A JUST DO IT moment!  As you look at the above picture, are you wondering why I was quilting when the entire border had not been added?  I wondered all evening!

finishing the bodrder

finishing the border

The next day I got out my very small collection of Oriental fabrics.  I found the green and sewed it on.  Then I pressed it!  Ouch!  Maybe there was a logical reason that all the border had not been added!   Why don’t I journal or at least leave notes with projects?  I would rather be sewing.  Okay was there a project box?  After a hunt, yes and there was a yard of the proper green.  Apparently I had run out of green and had to go buy more.  I now have plenty to finish the border and do the binding.  I could even make napkins to go with the table topper.

The binding is now being attached as the quilting is finished.  I will later let you admire my finished  “less than desired and dreamed of” project.

Sharon's potholders

Sharon’s potholders

Someone else was doing some JUST DO IT projects.  My small group was here and Sharon did something with our challenge fabric from last year.  She made very usable and pretty potholders.

ready to quilt

ready to quilt

Another JUST DO IT project for Sharon was doing something with a panel she had purchased sometime back.

donna's spring table topper

donna’s spring table topper

Donna had been to a retreat and took a JUST DO IT project along.  Binding a bed quilt.  I do not have a photo of it, but she also purchased a kit there and did a spring project.  It might have been a reward for doing binding.

quilt by the block

quilt by the block

Our group often laments about the quilting part of a project.  Do you want to pay someone to do it?  Do you want to learn to do it on your domestic machine?   Do you want to rent time on a long arm machine?  Do you just want to put it away and do something else?  Carol brought a do it yourself quilting project.  You quilt the blocks individually and use a skinny sashing to put it together.  It gives us all something new to think about.  And isn’t that what small groups are all about?


I found myself actually giddy the other day.  Was it because spring was actually coming to Iowa?  Maybe, but there had to be more.  I finally thought of the cause:  I was starting a new quilt and doing what I love, crunching the numbers to make the lap sized pattern work on a twin bed for a high school graduate.  My friends know that I am not a modern quilter, but sometimes I need to step out of the Civil War fabrics box, especially when it is to be a gift.  I loved the big pieces and few joints and no points to protect.  It still wasn’t a Quilt in a Day, but it was close!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

This last picture is what I was hoping that Sharon would forget to pack up.  All my spring and Easter stuff is pastel.  There are no pastels in my home, except one guest room.

I did do my self determined March blocks and will show them in another post.  Nothing too glamorous, but I am staying on schedule.



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