Lancaster County Penn.


Amish clothes line

Amish clothes line

You know you are in Pennsylvania and Amish country when you see the clothes lines that reach to the barn roof.

Hand Quilted Quilts, only!

Hand Quilted Quilts, only!

Lancaster county is one of my favorite places to visit.  I love their comfort food restaurants.  I love their bakeries.  I love their antique shops.  A real special shop is one that has new Amish made quilts and a back room of antique Amish quilts!

This fun shop was once a home.  Now the first floor of the tiny house is full of quilts!  We did not buy any but it was fun to look.


More looking took place!  It was Spring Antique Extravaganza.  All the antique shops offered a discount and there were tented venders everywhere!  The antique Penn Dutch doll quilt did get purchased at one of these.


Amish doll dress

Amish doll dress

At a special antique shop we were given a recommendation of another shop in another town.  We made time to stop there and Amish doll dress and apron were found there.  It is the same dress in both pictures.  The picture of the back of the dress was taken in day light!  I so enjoy the fine workmanship in the small dress.


Amish doll apron

Amish doll apron

Then there is the apron that went with the dress.  I do not think the dress would need much washing with an apron that covered all!

There will be more treasures in future posts.  I did return home to discover a graduation party was the first Saturday in May!  The card shared our congrats and best withes for the future.  And that the gift would come in the mail!  Now I need to get to the sewing room!


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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the sight of Amish laundry flapping in the wind as well. My family and I just toured Amish country this weekend and I wrote a post about it. We were in Bird in Hand. I especially like the picture of the quilt you added in your post. Very nice! 🙂

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