marg grad

High School Graduation

High School Graduation

I graduated from high school 45 years ago.  My niece graduated this spring.

45 year old fabric and new fabric

45 year old fabric and new fabric

The fabric on the above picture:  On the left is a piece of my college sheets.  On the right is fabric I saw and purchased a few years ago.  How could I not?  While at it I purchased some coordinating fabric.  As for my sheets, we later found the same fabric at a discount store.  We purchased a lot of it.  My mom did not quilt so we hired a lady to make a whole cloth quilt using the fabric.  Actually it was tied.  And my thrifty mom had the lady just cover an old quilt that she had.  I was so cool going off to college with this FLOWER POWER of the early 70s!

Graduation Quilt

Graduation Quilt

I have now made a quilt top for the new graduate.  I will also tie this one.  I consider it a FIVE YEAR QUILT.  She will use it for four years of college and then marry.  After it sits in a closet for a year, it will find its way to a garage sale.  So why spend the money having it long arm quilted?

As for my quilt of 1969, I kept it after college.  It was on my daughter’s bed for a while.  It was very snuggly.  However, somewhere along the way it went into a charity box and is long gone.

For those who read my last post about the tokens left at the Foundling Hospital of London, there are photos on the internet for you to get a glimpse of them.



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