Today is a good day to give pause and thanks to what has become known as the GREATEST GENERATION.  The young adults of 1944 understood what it means to sacrifice for ones country.  Their parents did likewise.

Patriotic Quilt made from a kit.

Patriotic Quilt made from a kit.

The quilt above is one I recently purchased.  It was made from a kit and might have been made in the 1930s rather than the 40s, but it is my way of honoring the families mentioned at the beginning of this article.   Some young women also joined up, but most of them went to work at the jobs left behind by the men.

Molly's WWII quilt

Molly’s WWII quilt

This would change the status of women in America forever.  A lot of women sought comfort during this anxious time by making quilts.  There are a lot of WWII quilts.   Sue Reich has a large collection of them and has written a book about her collection.  I have seen her collection several times and it is worth a drive to have the opportunity.  The above quilt is one I designed and made for the American Girl Doll , Molly.  It is my V is for Victory quilt.

Victory Quilt Book

Victory Quilt Book

Above is Sue’s book, World War II Quilts.

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

Today I will celebrate my freedom, in the same way  most of the vetrans did.  They came home, went to work, and went about establishing homes and families.  In so doing we celebrate America!



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  1. I love your quilts and what they represent! Very interesting and keeps our focus on what has been done for us
    and sacrifices made for freedom!

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