ROSIE represents the women of WWII. They inspired one another to keep the home front going.



They inspire me.  I have been outside digging holes and moving bushes.  I can do it!


Another part of WWII was MAKE DO, USE WHAT YOU HAVE, OR DO WITHOUT.  I have made do with a scrap quilt.  Unfortunately I did have to buy all the setting fabric.  I must have cut something in error as the binding is made of 2-1/4 x 18″  strips.  Thats a lot of piecing!

pieced binding

pieced binding

USE WHAT YOU HAVE has also applied to a recent binding issue.  When you do not have enough of the desired fabric, make a two-fabric binding.  You only need 1″ of the front fabric and 2″ of the back fabric.  That gives you 2-1/2″ binding.  I prefer 2-1/4″ binding so I use 7/8″ of front and 1-3/4″ of back.

Two sided binding

Two sided binding

A plus for this technique is that you can match both sides of the quilt!


D-DAY has become a slogan we often use when we are faced with a difficult task or just one we do not enjoy.  Yesterday was a D-day for me.  Bindings got placed on quilts and I began the hand sewing.  Actually it turned out to be a pleasant late afternoon activity after a busy day here on the home front!








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