Flag Day and Pineapples

Last week was small group time and one of the gals had a flag for Show-N-Tell. It was perfect for the season. On my next post I will direct you to the pattern source.

Flag another way!

Flag another way!

Yesterday was so fun as I was able to watch a sweet group of quilters make pineapple blocks.

Scrap Pineapple

Scrap Pineapple

It is often thought of as a scrap quilt, but most of these ladies had other plans and they turned out so charming!



batics even work for this vintage block.



bold will also do.


Civil War pinks and browns

Civil War pinks and browns

Two gals were working with Civil War prints. Of course I loved them.


More modern fabrics choices

More modern fabrics choices

A couple gals were more into the modern fabrics. I enjoyed all the fabrics and creativity of these gals.

It was a fun day for me and I trust the Williamsburg ladies went home as pleased as I was. The technique for this block is not paper pieced and not hard. The squaring up the block is a little tricky to start, but after a few rounds these gals were spinning the block around and trimming it perfectly!

My small group was here and we did several fun things. We tried the Disappearing Pinwheel. It is a u-tube by The Missouri Star.

Carol showed a couple projects she has done using the Missouri Star patterns.



The one above has some raw edges! It will be interesting to see it when washed.

Seeing what others are doing is what gets us all back into the sewing room, doesn’t it? It is a rainy day here and I look forward to going there very soon!


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