My small group met again and we always have such a good time and inspire each other to better things. Of course my teacher instint always kicks in and I make them learn or try something new. We have lately been studying the color wheel and getting out of our comfort zone.

color wheel lessons

color wheel lessons

I did let them start by selecting their favorite color. Wasn’t that nice of me? The top row going acrosss is Monocromatic. Tints and shades of the favorite color. The columns belong to the different gals. The first two columns are using pure colors. However, most of us don’t use the pure colors very often so I allowed them to use what tones they liked. The first colomn with the black ground really shows off the pure colors. The second one with the poka-dot ground allows me to make a kid quilt when the lessons are finished.

First Row: Monocromatic
Second Row: Analogus going clock wise
Third Row: Complimentary
Fourth Row: Split Complimentary
Fifth Row: Triads. This was the new lesson and they cut their squares to take them home and make the block.

Carol's blocks

Carol’s blocks

We meet for the day and bring sack lunches so we get a lot done. In January I presented my self imposed Christmas block of the month. Several of the gals decided to join me.

Sharon's blocks

Sharon’s blocks

We all are tempted to buy Christmas fabric in November and December, but when do we have time to sew it up? Our goal is to dig in the Christmas box and see what we can do.

Donna's blocks

Donna’s blocks

It has been good as each month we have reviewed ways to make standard blocks: flying geese, Square-in-a-square, mirror images, etc.

Joyce's blocks

Joyce’s blocks

Joyce’s is so fun as she loves pink and can make it work to be Christmas and fit into her home decor.

Carolyn's Santa

Carolyn’s Santa

Friend Carolyn joined us for the day and brought some show-n-tell. She is making Santas all year long to sell in a bazaar this December.

Sharon's Christma

Sharon’s Christma

Sharon is the only one who has finished piecing our Christmas project from back in December. We all need a reason to get up each morning and one of mine is to see what happens in the sewing room! I sometimes surprise even myself!

Donna's quilt top

Donna’s quilt top

Other Show-n-tell was Donna’s quilt top. She selected the fabrics herself. She thinks she struggles with this, but didn’t she do great?

Sharon's Grandmother's Flower Garden

Sharon’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Sharron likes to have a sit down project and her current one is Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Seeing her progress brought up the issue, whether our children will understand our quilts and appreciate them. I think Sharon need to add a note of hours required to make a quilt like this one.

Sandi and Helen have had to miss a couple of our meetings for health reasons. I trust that they have found some comfort as Sharon does in hand stitching.


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