SHOW TIME and Quilt Traditions


Its that time of the year when quilt shows and meetings really thrive. Last week-end I traveled to Topeka, KS for the MOKA (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas) quilt study group. Every thing about it was so fun. Friday night we met at the local museum for wine and cheese. We got reacquainted with past friends. Then we saw their quilt display that created a time line of quilts that represented some of the different trends in quilt making.

old prairie town

Saturday’s session was at pictures Old Prairie Town. The flowers were all in bloom and it was a lovely setting to study quilts.

The focus of the day was red and green quilts and we enjoyed seeing part of the Poo Collection with the guidance of Lori Lee Triplett. Her presentation was fun and informative. Unfortunately I cannot share any of the pictures of the Poo Collection.

Susan Martin's quilt

Susan Martin’s quilt

Susan Martin showed one of her antique quilts on the theme of the day.


photo 2
Susan is also an avid maker of reproduction quilts and sells some patterns.

Of course we stopped at quilt and antique shops going to and coming from Topeka. No great finds came home with us, but it is always fun to look and get out of the car to stretch. At least that’s my story!

All Iowa Shop Hop Banner

All Iowa Shop Hop Banner

Adel Quilting and Dry Goods recently had their quilt show they call Little Sisters as it is an outdoor show and very charming.



When you visit the show you have the opportunity to vote for your three favorite quilts.

And the winner is!

And the winner is!

I think this years winner was the above appliqué quilt done by Cyndi Craigmile.

upgrade of the race quilt

upgrade of the race quilt

The 12 quilts that get the most votes will be featured in the 2015 shop calendar. It is a fun competition.


The above quilt was made from the block contest at last years Dallas County Fair. It was auctioned off this year at the fair. Fund raising has always been a part of the quilt world.

Generational Quilt

Generational Quilt

Another part of quilt history is the fun stories of a partial quilt that gets handed down through generations and then finally get completed. The above photo is one of those treasures. Marci Jenson finished up this one her grandmother, Grace Pickering, pieced. Another part of quilt traditions is that it was hand quilted by a church group of ladies as a fund raiser for their church.

Pineapple Quilt

Pineapple Quilt

The above is a pineapple quilt. I have taught a class on the pineapple block several times and ladies always enjoy it. There were other lovely quilts but it was a very windy day and not all my photos turned out.

My value quilt

My value quilt

Another tradition of quilters is meeting in small groups in homes. The group that comes to my home is awesome. The above is a swap project that we worked on for almost a year. We were to get into our scraps and stashes and find blues of various values. A little purple and green could also be included. We cut the strips various widths and made rough blocks about 9 inches. Each month a different value was assigned. We swapped the blocks and then squared them up ourselves. The pattern comes from an oldie but goodie book by Evelyn Sloppy: Strips and Strings. Hopefully this will get finished up in time for another quilt show!


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