Small Group Gathering

Clarene's medallion

Clarene’s medallion

My small group has been meeting for over five years. Clarene joined us for a brief time.  She and her husband love to travel so she could not commit for the long haul. The above quilt has just been finished.  It is hand quilted!  She and friends worked on it at her winter home in Texas. Years ago, we had each been challanged to make a medallion one border at a time. Clarene finished piecing hers on schedule and then waited for the opportunity to have it hand quilted!  It is lovely and worth the wait.

embrodery kit

embrodery kit

Five years in the making: Clarene had bought this kit years ago at a sale. She persevered to finish it! She hand quilted it on a lap hoop. Kits like this usually had the quilting lines, along with the embordery pattern, all printed on the fabric.  Many have been started, but fewer finished.

Clarene's Grandma's flower garden

Clarene’s Grandma’s flower garden

Clarene has the personality of if you start something, you finish it. Many of us quilters could learn from her. Her Grandmother’s Flower Garden is an excellant take along project. She does a lot of it while her husband is driving the motor home.  She claims that she did not know she was supposed to frame each flower with white.  We all love the result!  The stunning color goes with Clarene’s personality.

Of course we discussed the options of the best way to bind this special quilt design. Sharon is also nearing this delema.

Sharon's progress

Sharon’s progress

I find this pattern of quilt tops often at antique shows. Many women struggle with the finishing of this pattern. How do you quilt it? Do you quilt in every Hexy? How do you bind it? Do you make all those 60′ turns? Yikes!

Donna's first wool work

Donna’s first wool work

We go from very challanging to very relaxing. Donna look a class on wool work and fell in love! No ‘needle turning’. This makes another great travel project. Donna also winters somewhere in a warmer climate. This is also an easier project to finish. Put it in a frame!

Carolyn was working on hand quilting a darling house quilt, but I missed the photo op. Most women find real peace in handwork. I also think we are programed not to have our hands idle.

Our Christmas project

Our Christmas project

Joyce has not been idle. She has the Christmas project ready for a border! Others have also worked on theirs.

Sandi's finished project

Sandi’s finished project

Sandi even did the quilting on her finished project. You might not be able to see it, but part of the top is raw edged. The pattern has you use pre-cut charms and some of the pinked edges are exposed.


Today’s color scheme was a little challenging. Double Split Complimentary: your favorite color does not even get to be in the block!


Double Split Complimentry

Double Split Complimentry

I can enjoy both the pure color block and the subtle Civil War fabric block. That is our goal in this color study:sometimes try some different colors. At least add a surprise color to your favorite comfort zone of colors.

This block also provided a mini lesson on pressing.  We often hear “press towards the dark”.  but there are often times when you need to press the way the fabric wants to go.  HST and flying geese have a mind of their own.  Don’t fight them.  Let them determine how the entire block gets pressed.  On this block the top and bottom rows determine how the rest must go.  Turn the rows upside down and press accordingly.

Carolyn really enjoyed the design of the block; Sister’s Choice. She went wild making the block this past month!  May your small group also encourage you to go wild in your sewing room!

Carolyn's color blocks

Carolyn’s color blocks


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