I had created my own block of the month plan for 2014. I had three new quilts that I wanted to make and they are all pieced! They are all currently getting quilted and should be finished by the end of the year.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

This is the last of the three Block of the Month projects. Yes, there are 12 blocks and it is not December yet. The inspiration to finish it was that each month when I got out the fabric to cut a new block, I had forgotten the little tricks to make it work. Such as one month I traced the pattern on the backs of the fabric. Thus the point is no longer at the top of the block! Thus I decided I just needed to keep at it so as I would not have to press the fabric every month. I could cut out multiple shapes at one time…..

I learned so much with this quilt. For one thing, the center circle covers a lot of sins, but not all of them. You can see that not every spoke is the same size. I also learned that this is the style of quilt my adult children would enjoy. One actually asked to have her name put on it! That has never happened!

like my dots


Inspiration from Sisters, Oregon

Inspriration always comes from other quilts. The above are a couple pictures I found on the internet.



The above quilt won a red ribbon at the IA State Fair 2013 and went on to earn a blue one at the DM-AQS Show.

Quilt Shows are where I get most of my inspiration. Last year at the Iowa State Fair I saw two polka dot quilts. I began shopping for polka dot fabric immediately. I started studing patterns for the dots. Patchwok Fundamentals is where I discovered the pattern I wanted to imitate. Later, I realized that I could have ordered the pattern!

Patchwork Fundamentals

Patchwork Fundamentals

 Below are a couple of my favorites from this year Iowa State Fair and they are both medallions. My friends know that I love medallion quilts.

Best of Show at Iowa State Fair!

Best of Show at Iowa State Fair! – Pieced

I love the colors of this one!

Blue Ribbon winner at the Iowa State Fair

Blue Ribbon winner at the Iowa State Fair – Mixed Technique

One more Ribbon winner. I would love to visit this imaginary farm.

blue - Iowa State Fair

Blue Ribbon – Iowa State Fair

Below is another quilt I have ready for the quilter. The fabric line is Little Black Dress II. And the pattern is Mezmerized.


My adult children are into more modern and I thought this might appeal to them. Instead they surprised me with love of the polka dots.

Our adult children have provided us with fun batch of grandchildren. Two of them are starting kindergarten this year. One of them has another grandpa who started school in Germany. There is a tradition there of giving a child a Schultuete on their first day of school. It is so cute and big! It is filled with things you might put in a Christmas stocking. Our little guy was so excited!

A first day of school Schultuete

A first day of school Schultuete

As a former school teacher I get rather nostalgic at this time of year. May all the little ones have a successful year.


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  1. Ohhh, I am so glad that my quilting daughter found this post and emailed it to me! (Our children are definitely the gift that keeps on giving….) I loved the polka dot quilt – and I have discovered that you have to be really deft at combining different sized dots to pull off something this spectacular. BRAVO! It is so alive and so joyous!

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