Dots of Clean-Up

Another Christmas present is done! Or at least the quilt top is done and it has an appointment with a great long-arm gal.

Love N Mariage

Love N Marriage

These are T-shirts that my daughter brought me with much enthusiasm a few years ago. I did not share her enthusiasm. T-shirt quilts do not excite me. It took three years to come up with an idea. She loved the polka-dot quilt, but it was already spoken for. It was finished and there was still a box of polka-dot fabric.

Finishing the border

Finishing the border

If you have the space, you occupy it, I finished this quilt up in the lower level large family room. There were polka-dots from one end of it to the other!



The big box became a medium box!

Fortunately, there was the final pressing. I like to spray the quilt with Magic Sizing and walk away for it to have time to soak into the fibers. Then I press it. I walk away again to be sure the fabric is dry and cooled down before I shift the quilt to the next part to be pressed.

During these minutes away I began the clean-up and packing away of scraps large enough for another project. My friends might notice in the background that some tiny pieces actually got cut into squares.


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