All of us will entertain once during the Thanksgiving – Christmas season.  A lot of us will do it several times.  A few years ago the theme for my guild’s quilt show was hospitality.  At the time I had other things going, but when I saw this pattern by Kim Dielh I was ready to start something new.

Old Fashioned Hospitaliy

Old Fashioned Hospitality

My Old Fashioned Hospitality will be in our quilt show, just three years late.  I am not dedicated to hand appliqué but I sorta enjoy the sit-down activity.    Like anything else it takes practice; lots of it.

Nutcracker Sweater

Nutcracker Sweater

After my gifts to my three girls went to the quilter, I started doing some Christmas shopping on the internet.  I saw these cute sweaters.  I have three young grandsons.  The sweaters and shirts got ordered.  Children do not enjoy opening clothes at Christmas, so I just give it to them at another time.

Nutcracker Christmas dresses

Nutcracker Christmas dresses

Could I find dresses with nutcracker fabric used on them?  I did but they were 30$ and they were just cotton and very simple. Could I make them nicer and cheaper?  I like the ones I made, but cheaper was not part of it.  I was able to find the fabric on line.  The order was 40$.  Then the patterns, that bill was over 20$.  What happened to the 4-5$ patterns?  Dress number three gets tried on today and then hemmed.

Little Elsie's dress

Little Elsie’s dress

Of course, then I had to hunt for white tops to go under the jumpers.  Do you know that every knit top made has some character stamped on it?  It was a major hunt.  Yesterday I stumbled into Gymboree at the mall.  They had plain white knit tops, and I had a choice to two neck trims!  As I checked out I told the clerk my excitement of finding a collar on a little girl’s top.  She said that I was not the first grandmother to say that!  So dainty collars on little girls must be way out of style!

The outfit would not be complete without tights or leggings.  See, I am a little hip as I know the term leggings!

Newborn outfits

Newborn outfits

As I have been in fabric shops for the past couple months I have been looking for a tiny nutcracker!  When I was ready surrender this idea, I found just the ticket!   I just removed one pocket and covered one logo.  We have a grandson arriving around Dec. 20!  I figured we might need two outfits as he might soil one before the first picture is taken.

With this clothes concept conquered I went back to sewing on quilts.  I felt all my body relax as I did so.  I will not make clothes again!

More shopping done.  I found cheap nutcracker ornaments to add to the ribbon on each grand’s toy present.  I have bought a nutcracker statue to go home with each family.  I love a Christmas with a theme!

Why do us women do this?  Hospitality means clean!  We want our guests to think that we are always tidy and clean!  Last week some gals were coming to my home.  I just had to wipe out the fridge.  They might open it for the cream for their coffee! Now with Thanksgiving coming…



Last night I tried the overnight oven cleaning technique that is all over the internet.  This is the after picture, so you can see that it does not conquer all.  A few tips:  Have the last person going to bed, put the ammonia and boiling water in the oven.  I went to bed two hours before the husband.  He did not really enjoy the ammonia scented air freshener.  Second, and this comes from a former Chemistry teacher, do not use your heavy metal dutch oven for the boiling water.  You will have to make tomato soup in it or boil cream of tarter in it to return the surface to shiny.

May you enjoy the season of HOSPITALITY!  marge


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  1. Next time I’m visiting you…I will check out your oven, LOL!!!!! …when you are visiting me..the oven will have a paddle lock on it! 🙂

    Fun post, Marge and love all your projects!!!!

    Hug’s Carolyn

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