Valentine in the Sun

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

February is the shortest month of the year, but for those who live in the northern states, it seems like the longest. I often try to find a way to escape for at least part of the winter. My husband’s cows start calving in February therefore he cannot leave. It is fun when I can find a traveling partner who also is ready to escape winter for a week or two.

Carol's first project

Carol’s first project

This year we were able to find a condo on Padre Island. I am sitting on the balcony with the sound of ocean waves in the background. The humming of Carol’s sewing machine makes the harmony perfect. We set up our sewing studio in our living room. The above photo is that of her first project. She had purchased the kit sometime ago.

A Jo Morton pattern

A Jo Morton pattern

The above is my first project. It was started at a Jo Morton class years ago. Jo taught hand piecing where you make no stitches into the seam allowance when joining two pieces. Thus you have more freedom when pressing the block. You may press the seam allowance any way you want or it wants.  The hand sewing was done to make the star blocks. I finished them up after getting home from the class. Then I packed up the kit and put it away.

The perfect HST?

The perfect HST?

The one inch finished HST was probably the reason for the stall. I have now made them using a roll of paper piecing which makes a mountain of HST with speed. I really did stitch on the lines perfectly. I finger  pressed the blocks prior to the iron pressing. I came down on the block like a helicopter to prevent stretching it. Then why do I have such an assortment of sizes?

The little 17″ square quilt is finished due to a lot of fudge work. It is not perfect but it has left the UFO drawer.

My first block that finishes at three inches

My first block that finishes at three inches

My second project comes from shopping at a quilt show a couple of years ago. The samples all look so great there. But as I have another project already going at home, any kits purchased come home and get neatly put away. My frustration in getting this kit out is that I forgot to ask if I could take a picture of the sample after I bought the kit. That should be standard proceedure.

Once again I am sewing on a line yet not everything is coming out perfect. We have discovered that the same error appears on all four blocks I have finished. Could the paper piecing paper have an error? I am going to play with it a little when I proceed.

Carol's blocks

Carol’s blocks

Carol is making faster progress. She is working with Little Black Dress II fabric. There are three of us that are using the same fabric and pattern.

Most winter guests in Texas find the Rosa Markets fascinating.  All the garments are in a heap and you climb around in it hunting.  I was looking for wool garments as that has become a fad to felt the wool and then make a craft item with it.  It has become so popular back home that the used clothing stores rarely have ony wool on the racks.  We will see if I do anything with my finds, but it was a fun outing on a drizzling day.

marge at top

Another fun find has been quilt shops.  We did some research before we left home to provide us with stops along the route.  Of course there are some disappointments.  One had gone out of business and another was closed as they were moving.  It would be wise to call ahead.   Another had fabric that was on the market over ten years ago.  The price had been changed to 11.99.  It should have been on a sale rack and long gone!

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!



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