Summer In Iowa

a couple of my blooming flowers

a couple of my blooming flowers


When I was dreaming of all the sewing I would do this summer I forgot about all the time the lawn and flower beds take. So I have shortened my sewing time, but I have gotten a lot of physical exercise instead and I guess that is good.

Carol's ready for the long-arm

Carol’s ready for the long-arm

My friends have been more productive than me. Carol had started this quilt a long time ago and the blocks were actually finished. She put it together this past month and it is so pleasant to the eye.


Joyce was able to join us and she had a finished project to share. These are not Joyce’s choice of colors, but she had acquired the fabric some how. Her granddaughter saw the fabric and loved it. Together they had pieced the blocks. Later Joyce assembled the top adding the fun prairie points. She quilted it on her domestic machine and did a great job.

Joyce's turtles

Joyce’s turtles

She is now working on quilting another quilt for a grandchild who loves turtles. The fabric choices are so fun.


Carolyn was so productive during our gathering. She was busy hand quilting this small quilt that she made from her stash. Carolyn lap quilts as she has done a lot of basting and it works.


In addition, Carolyn has started getting ready for Christmas bazaars. She designed and has made a bunch of these potholders. She treated the hostess (that’s me!) with one!


Sherry’s show and tell was a Coke table topper. It actually was made from the extra fabric when she made one for her daughter. This one was also for the hostess! I think I won the door prize at this meeting.

My quilt in progress

My quilt in progress

I have shared my work on clam shells in previous posts. They are finally all added to a quilt in progress. It looks like a small addition but it is a time consuming one. And I would say not one of my favorite hand stitching projects. However, I really like the result. This medallion quilt will have one more frame.

hand pieced blocks

hand pieced blocks

My progress on the had pieced blocks has not been going as fast as I originally dreamed. I had not taken into consideration yard and garden work when I was setting a timetable. I had also forgotten about small summer trips. but that is okay. I sew for pleasure not deadlines.

One dealine that I did give myself was to have the rock wall flower bed planted, mesh fabric laid, and rocks & bark applied. Doing this on hands and knees was another good exercise, but was only done is short spurts.

130 feet rock wall

130 feet rock wall