Getting Caught Up

Quilt Week in Des Moines Iowa starts tomorrow!

It is well worth the drive. There are actually two shows at the same location. The Des Moines Area Quilt Guild has their annual show and it is included with the AQS Quilt Show.

The umbrella is actually a large shopping bag in disguise.

The DMAQG does a lot of volunteer work for AQS to make this happen. Many members have been busy already with the judging and hanging of the quilts. Today the vendors move in. Those of us that volunteer for a few hours during the show attend free that day. I select volunteer time in the middle of the day as a break.

beautiful appliqué work

beautiful appliqué work

The above quit top appeared at our small group last month. It was discovered while cleaning out the quilt stuff in dear friend Sandi’s home after she died. It is a result of a kit from the 1940s or 1950s. The dots to mark the quilting are still visible. We enjoyed seeing it and offered many suggestions as what to do with it.


The lime green makes me want to say 1950s.

The lime green makes me want to say 1950s.

The above quilt top also appeared and looks like the same time period. This one might be made into a table cloth.

hand quilting

hand quilting

I had found an old quilt top at a flea market and had hired a church group to hand quilt it it. I have a deep respect for old quilts and those that did not make it to the finish line. I would love to know why, after all the work, did it not get finished. There are some great quilt stories untold.

The spot isa light shadow, not a stain.

The spot isa light shadow, not a stain.

My issue now is the binding. Where will I find fabric to match? I am thinking of a tiny red piping and then muslin binding. The red will be too small to see that it doesn’t match and it will separate the muslins to hide a mismatch.

I should also say that red and white quilts are hard to date as they have always been a favorite.

We were finishing up our Penny Haren blocks and each of us was to share what they would be doing with them.

Donna's project

Donna’s project

Donna had already used some of hers and made a wall hanging or table topper.

marge's quilt top

marge’s quilt top

I had made each block in multiples to make one of Penny’s designs. It is now at the quilters.


Joyce had missed most of our gatherings while we did the PH project so she worked on a ‘really want to make‘ project. She earned a prize for a finished top! This pattern comes from Love of Quilting by Fons and Porter.

boy's room thank-you

boy’s room thank-you

After making two complicated quilts I was ready for some relief in easy sewing. Our son and his wife had hosted all of the family in their home for July 4 week-end. It was not an easy task. Eight adults and ten children. They did a great job with sleeping accommodations and meal planning.

adorning gray walls and bedspreads

adorning gray walls and bedspreads

Stan and I took over the girls bedroom so I made some shams and throw pillows to decorate their beds. I have yet to decide which I like least; ruffles or piping. I do know that I enjoy quilt making much more.