Ladies of the Lake Quilt Retreat




Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Fall seems to be the season for quilt retreats. This year three of my friends went with me. We had a grand time. The above photos are of me getting ready!

First I hunt through my UFO’s. If that is all I take, that is what gets done. I selected a Snail Trail Block.

Next I determine why I quite working on it. I had wanted this to be very scrappy and I got tired of cutting out. So cutting out is what I had to do. This is such a plus about retreats. You are motivated to get stuff in order.

Packing up all your stuff is not a plus. But it is worth it. You also know that if you forget something, someone else will have it. I should have taken a picture of the back of my car! I take a table, chair, and this time the big board to put on top of an ironing board.

We set up our stations and go to work. We all have our projects cut out and get at the sewing. Sherry was wise as she had some big block projects. She got to see the finish line.


Sherry's finished tops

Sherry’s finished tops

Linda brought along a project we had worked on in small group. She had missed several sessions, so determined this a good time to work on it.  She did not finish it at retreat, but had it put together for our next gathering.

Linda's Christmas Quilt

Linda’s Christmas Quilt

Carol was determined at the machine. Her project had a zillion pieces in each block. She came with them all cut out. Most of them got put together.  I know we will soon see a finished quilt top. She did bring a finished project to show us as it would be soon  leaving as a gift.

Carol's Baby Gift

Carol’s Baby Gift

Meanwhile, what did I get done. A lot of sewing only to discover that chain piecing is great as long as you do it correctly. Repeating an error 25 times is not fun.

One small slip up

One small slip up on the left- correct on the right

I moved on to a different block. When I got home and was worn out, it was a great time to sit in the easy chair with my trusted friend: THE SEAM RIPPER.



If you finished something you got to put your name in the hat for some final day prizes. Sherry won the grand prize: 15 Fat Quarters!

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner

I took pictures of some of the projects other gals were working on. They will appear in another post. One thing that will not appear is the picture of us four. Another recommendation for retreat: Take a team picture on the first day when you look energetic!

Lastly I have to share a couple pictures Barbara  Brackman posted.  I am not the only one to struggle with the snail trail.  At least I spotted my error a little sooner than these gals!


Some drunk Snails

Some drunk Snails


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