Christmas 2015: Done

Yes, I did finish one Christmas quilt:

My Christmas Table Topper

My Christmas Table Topper

Actually I made two of them as one went to my Mother-in-law. And it went a couple weeks before Christmas. When I clear a path in the sewing room and find the pattern I will share the name and source.

My small group had the assignment of cutting out wrapping paper for our November meeting. At the meeting we cut out the ribbons. Everyone went home with a good start. At the December gathering, three gals had finished projects. Isn’t that a benefit of a small group: motivation!  Or should we say “pier pressure”?

Friends table toppers

Friends table toppers



It is fun to see the same pattern with different fabric choices.

I also made a few gifts.  This idea came from the Ladies of the Lake Retreat.


I used the Halloween big bags.  For the backs I used fabric and placed the zipper there.


We will see the durability of these bags as three grandsons got them.  As I was being thrifty I got into a box of old zippers.  My mom was having kids during the Great Depression.  She recycled everything and I tend to keep lots of stuff just as she did.  I just don’t always get it used up.

My small group talked about cutting off the end of zippers to make them the correct size.  Be sure to add a lot of stitches near the cut off.


This was going to be a neat bag.  Front and back were wrappers and it was lined with cute fabric.

The key to cutting off a zipper:  Have the pull at the part you are keeping and not the cut off section.


May you enjoy a Blessed 2016 and enjoy your crafty side.  marge


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