Thankful for “Quiltie” Friends

At this time of year we do think of being more thankful. And I am thankful for all of you. You inspire me to try something new or to just get into the sewing room and get working on something that has lost its original excitement.

I have a small group that meets at my home each month. They cause me to get in gear and prepare for them. Then they bring show-n-tell that inspires me to be more creative.

Joyce's Blended Quilt

Joyce’s Blended Quilt

Above is our current project of ‘blended Quilts’. I know we are a little slow on this fad. It appeared early in the 2000s by Marsha McCloskey and Sharon Evans Yenter. They were inspired by antique quilts and their soft, comforting look.

two of the books on blended quilts

two of the books on blended quilts

Almost a year ago I attended a quilt show in Texas and one vendor’s booth just drew me to it. I am sure you all have experienced that exhilarating moment. I liked every sample quilt they had on display. I left the booth with a book and a lot of fabric.

Donna's center part

Donna’s center part

For all of us this project has been a challenge to our thinking and shopping. Donna’s is above and most of us would want to “organize” things differently, more balanced. But it is what makes the quilt attractive and one really wants to study the quilt and each block. I love your brave spirit, Donna.

Carol's blended quilt

Carol’s blended quilt

Carol made shopping easier by purchasing from one line of fabric. Her struggle was that she bought the fabric prior to selecting a pattern. She ran out of some and did not use others.

Linda was not present for this show-n-tell as she was working an election station. She also bought one line of fabric for her quilt. And she likes her quilt but feels that she missed some of the learning experience. (She sent the picture so she could earn her reward.)

Linda's quilt top

Linda’s quilt top

Once again, we each set our own goal of completion date and then worked backwards as to what had to be accomplished each month. All are on target so far.

Carolyn's blocks

Carolyn’s blocks

Carolyn did not have to fabric shop so far. Instead she went to her stash and found some fabrics that had been moved to storage for a while. They now were perfect for this project.  The top, left side, block is traditional :  light -medium -dark.  The rest are the fun different combos.  I love your braveness, Carolyn.

For our last project there were rewards for staying on our goal charts. We each got to build a house. When we completed the project, the village came together. Here are some of them.



Of course there is also show-n-tell at our monthly meetings. These are some of the treasures shown:




As I must get ready for church this Sunday morning, I will have to share my other thanksgiving of quilting friends on my next post.

Meanwhile, there are a few that got away!



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