Catching Up On 2016

Today is a New Year, but I am still catching up on 2016. Christmas is yet to go down. Since the family has left I have read, washed towels, read, washed sheets, read, vacuumed, read, made beds, read, cleaned up the left over food in three refrigerators, and did I mention that I have done a lot of reading?

Hexi potholder

Hexi potholder

Before Christmas I sent a few items to the families. Mainly potholders that I had cut out a couple years ago.  I really did some cleaning in the Christmas fabric suitcase.

Carolyn's Gingerbread potholder

Carolyn’s Gingerbread potholder

Friend Carolyn did a lot more work on her potholders.

I had purchased a kit for Santa and Mrs. Santa towels a few years ago at the Quilt Block. They were made and have gone to the family that still has Santa believers.

Last year (or some year) my group acquired the pattern for the Mug Mats and Linda got a couple done.


Joyce got busy and quilted a project we did at another Christmas gathering.  She did a great job, but confessed that she really does not like the project.  How is that for a “Get-r-Done” attitude?

Years ago I purchased a crib quilt top at our guild fund raiser. It has hung nicely in a closet since then. I finally realized that if I added another border(black with colored dots), it would be large enough for a lap quilt. I have a 9 year old grand who loves any pond creature. He also loves the furry fleece that is not as popular as the regular fleece. (probably because it is more expensive and you cannot leave the edges raw.)   If I backed the quilt with the furry stuff it would be a win-win gift. I should clarify that I am a piecer, not much of a machine appliqué person, and not a machine quilter. This project was a skill stretcher.  The frogs had all been ironed on but needed to be machine appliquéd in place.  I did so to the inner parts of the frogs.  But the outside of the frogs I machine appliquéd with the backing in place.  That way they would pop-out more and I did not have to repeat the stitching around the creatures.

I had heard that it was wise to add a batting of plain muslin when doing a fleece backing. I did not do the wise thing.  In the above picture it appears that I had a tension issue and black bobbin thread is showing. Not so. I used a thin bobbin thread.  What you are seeing is fur coming up with each stitch. Re-afirming the concept of no batting with a fleece back, but add a pre-washed muslin layer to prevent shadows and fleece wanting a front showing.

A couple granddaughters received picnic/beach blankets.  I will have to find a picture of them.


Now that Christmas is over us Iowans can expect a couple months of snow.  The above is the wool-work project I prepped so I would have some hand stitching to do.  It is getting close to finished!

Happy New Year to you.  Once I heard it was good luck to start a new quilt on January 1.  I have a box I placed on a shelf when we moved ten years ago.  It is yet to come off the shelf. I think I am going to get it out and hope I at least added a picture of what I was thinking of.



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