New Quilt Project or Finish Ones Started?

New Years Day project

New Years Day project

Welcome 2017

Start a new quilt on New Years Day is a good omen for a new year.  I decided to do a very small one as there are so many bed quilts still in the works. This is to be a pillow cover and the kit was purchased a long time ago.

The picture is before I clean up the outer edge. Think about what I will have when I do square it up. ALL BIAS EDGES!  The pattern wisely suggested me to stay stitch the outer edge first. I once saw a bed quilt that finished like this and the maker wondered what to do. My first thought was, “What was the pattern designer thinking?” My second thought was, “Why did the pattern not provide a lot of advise to keep this a rectangle quilt without a ruffled edge?”

At our December small gathering the gals showed progress on the blended quilt projects.

Linda's Blended Quilt

Linda’s Blended Quilt

The body of this quilt is finished. Now Linda was dealing with the border fabric that was less than what she needed to finish it as the pattern suggested. She has the two opposite sides identical for a great start.  Cornerstones are helpful when this happens.  She could also not worry about the top and bottom being identical.

Another thought would be if the sides are cut on the length wise grain, should she cut the top and bottom on the crosswise grain?  It will be a lovely quilt no matter how she finishes it up.

Sharon's Blended Quilt

Sharon’s Blended Quilt

Sharon’s quilt is back from the long arm gal who did a great job with edge-to-edge quilting.  Do you like what she choose to use for the binding?  The next picture shows the choice of quilting pattern and thread.  Take time to discus both of these with the long arm gal.  Attach a written note to the quilt as it might not be worked on right away and we all forget things.


Joyce has an interesting border going on her Blended Quilt.


Notice how the inner border goes all the way across the side outer borders. She does not have to worry about matching flower clusters or perfecting a mitered corner.  What a great solution.

These two quilts were also part of our December Show-n-Tell.  The fishy one was finished and was to be a gift.  Now that the waters in Iowa are frozen, the guy recipient may be snuggled up dreaming of better days to come.  Is the second picture ‘Turning 20’ ?



Sharon chose the perfect setting fabric for this sampler.   The shop help actually guided Sharon to the fabric and that is what good store help should do.  They know what is on their shelves better than the consumer does.  If I remember correctly the blocks were left overs from a Penny Haren project.  Notice the binding is scraps from the quilt body and very appropriate.  When using the scraps diagonal joining seams allow for less bulk at the intersections.

The final photos are not quilts, but rather a homemade dress.  My sister made it for me when I was a child.  This is the only one that is still around.  When I was helping my granddaughter put it on, I explained that it was my Sunday dress.  I shared that I also wore dresses to school.  In the winter we wore slacks under the dresses for the walk to school and recess.  Those were the days!




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