Get it done! It’s Show Time

AQS is coming to Des Moines this week! Des Moines Area Quilt Guild also has their show as part of the festivities in the same location in downtown
Des Moines, Iowa.

I was the first to drop off their quilts for the local show. It was not because I am so punctual, rather because I was leaving town to watch grandsons play soccer.

I found myself doing my own “quilting” on a wall quilt. Do the rest of you use spray adhesive? Do you protect the area around the project?

layering for quilting

layering for quilting

It had been a long time since I had done any quilting. I went with straight lines and a walking foot.

My attempt at doing quilting

My attempt at doing quilting



Meanwhile my new BFF went beyond the call of duty to have this done in time.  When it was 3/4 done her machine started giving her trouble.  It went in for repairs.  When that did not solve all the issues, she picked up a new part at 6:30 in the morning. How many of us retired people are out of our PJ’s at that time of day?

The back side of my quilt

The back side of my quilt

She really did a great job. I hope it keeps the eye focused on the quilting and not my points. I had all the point strips finished before I started assembling the quilt. That is when I discovered they did not join neatly.  I decided there was a pattern error. Alas, as I got out the pattern, Crazy Curves Continues by Elsia Wilson, I remembered that I had drafted the point section myself. We are always learning and the next project awaits us.



Meanwhile my small group has been getting to the finish line also. What a great show-n-tell we had the last time we gathered.

Linda's top finished

Linda’s top finished

Linda had taken this class years ago at the Adel Quilting and Dry Goods. The top in now finished!

carol's color value lesson

carol’s color value lesson

We had swapped blue strips some time ago to do this ‘oldie but goodie’ pattern by Evelyn Sloppy. Carol’s has returned from the Missouri Star quilting shop and the binding is on. “Done” is such a grand word.


Joyce's projects

Joyce’s projects

At our December gathering we often begin a Christmas project. They rarely get finished for that Christmas. But Joyce is getting caught up on hers. She does her own quilting on her domestic machine. She was getting our input on how to finish the stars.

How to border?

How to border?

This quilt also was one of our swaps. We had done HST the paper way, which is ideal when doing a swap.  It helps having all HST identical is size. This is an Edyta Sitar Pattern. The question now was how to border.

Sherry was the first to have her Curved Seams quilt totally finished!

Sherry's quilt finished

Sherry’s quilt finished

The leader did not even have hers back from the quilter.  We all have the same book, but we each selected which pattern we would do.  It is so fun to see the results.  I had made up goal sheets for this project.  Each gal determined at what date the quilt would be ready to go to the quilter.  They then worked backwards to determine what had to be completed each week.

If they came to the next gathering current on their goals they received a kit to build a house.  At our next gathering they will be planning their village as we are ready to move on to another project.






is a favorite week for quilters in our town. Oh the vendors! They are most gals favorite part of the show and for good reason. The vendors have worked hard to prepare the newest samples.

However….my favorite part of the show is the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild annual quilt show. I love seeing what my quilting friends have made in the past year. I get so motivated!

One of my favorites

One of my favorites

The above quilt did get me to shop the vendors! I want to make something like this! Mary Martin earned a blue ribbon with this wall quilt. What I really liked about it was the quilting was “edge-to-edge” quilting. Most of us cannot afford to have our quilts custom quilted all the time.

Best of Show long-arm quilting

Best of Show long-arm quilting

However, custom quilting is awesome at this show. It certainly has its place in our craft. Debra Kimball earned the purple ribbon on this creation. Deb Treusch was the long-arm quilter. She had done the work for many of the ribbon winners.

Best of Show bed quilt

Best of Show bed quilt

The above quilt was also made by Debra Kimball and earned a purple ribbon. Deb T. did the long-arm work on it as she did the next quilt photo.

best of show wall quilt

Best of Show wall quilt

Mary Shotwell earned the above purple ribbon. Our guild certainly has great appliqué workers.

The next winner was hand quilted, pieced, and appliquéd by Karen Woten. She deserved the best of show hand quilting.

Best of Show Hand Quilting

Best of Show Hand Quilting

Karen was inspired by a quilt at the New England Quilt Museum.

Blue Ribbon with an Edyta Sitar pattern

Blue Ribbon with an Edyta Sitar pattern

Every quilter is wowed by Edyta’s designs, but this one is a real challenge! Christine Rounceville took on the challenge and did it well enough to earn the Blue Ribbon. She even did her own quilting. I was so impressed.

I had five entries and one of them earned a blue ribbon. I was so pleased as I had been periodically working on it for four years.

My ribbon winner

My ribbon winner

Jessie Ziegler had done my quilting. Her work is awesome!

I will try to show you some of the AQS part of the show.  These quilts had to be juried in.

May you enjoy your October.